We are Unmanned Ground Vehicles Limited

We distribute worldwide, unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) that do not require people to sit in or on them, to get the job done

SOLO unmanned ground vehicles are remotely controlled and enable any organisation to achieve extremely high levels of productivity and safety

As organisation's adapt their health & safety policies to reduce or eliminate the risk of harm to their employees & contractors, so the use of unmanned vehicles has grown at an unprecedented rate in recent years

This distribution company is run by Paul Munnery and Jenny Nash, from the international company headquarters in Devon, United Kingdom. The company's mission? To make the workplace safer - by removing removing people risks of injury when operating plant and machinery. Keeping people out of harm's way

SOLO unmanned vehicles are shipped worldwide through a network of professional, competent and high-quality dealers



Work safely in dangerous and hazardous conditions. Improve Health and Safety at work. Reduce work related accidents. To discuss your application with us. Contact Us or call us on +44 (0)1884 861363